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P-772 nanopositioning stages are the smallest flexure-guided, piezo-driven positioning systems with integrated capacitive sensors currently available. They provide a positioning and scanning range of up to 10 µm, sub-nanometer resolution and ultra-fast response.
piezosystem jena´s unique microTRITOR - elements are extremely compact but offer parallel motion without play due to the mechanical design. Despite of the minimal dimensions, motion of up to 9 µm in all three axes is realised. The resolution is in the sub-nm range. microTRITOR - elements can be easily combined with other mechanical or electromagnetic positioning systems - the results are positioning systems with highest resolutions. Due to its design, TRITOR - elements are suitable for dynamic applications.
Super Invar, ultra-precise, large-range XYZ nanopositioning stage with exceptional thermal stability, developed for metrology applications.
The newly designed stages of the series nanoSXY combine the high accuracy and the high speed of piezo positioning system with the a special actuating design for long travel motion. Further more the height of the stage is 20mm only with a free center space of 12.5mm! Outside dimensions are only 60x60mm.
The Nano-OP Series is a versatile group of compact nanopositioners which can be configured to fit into a wide variety of applications. Individual, single axis stages may be combined to form multi-axis systems.