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A cryostat is a device used to maintain cold cryogenic temperatures. Low temperatures may be maintained within a cryostat by using various refrigeration methods, most commonly using cryogenic fluid bath such as liquid helium. Hence it is usually assembled into a vessel, similar in construction to a vacuum flask or Dewar. Cryostats have numerous applications within science, engineering, and medicine.
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Featured Equipment
The Leica CM3600 XP is a fully computerized cryomacrotome for whole-body sectioning primarily in quantitative investigation of the effect of labeled compounds, pharmaceuticals and (bio)chemicals in pre-clinical studies, as well as detailed anatomical and morphological analysis.
Other Equipment
The simplest method of providing cooling in an ultra-high vacuum environment, the ST-400 has all the features of the standard SuperTran cryostats combined with several features that are specific for UHV requirements.
The Thermo Scientific HM 560 CryoStar Cryostat is an electronic, motorized, open-top cryostat with unmatched features and technology that provide the highest -quality sections, even from hard-to-cut specimens.
Features fast and stress-free production of high-quality cryostat sections. The Thermo Scientific HM 525 Cryostat is a semi-electronic cryostat with stepper motor advance that provides superior consistency and reliability of sectioning results. Ergonomic design provides all settings to be made outside the cryostat chamber.
Designed for maximum efficiency at any temperature range, the SVT-400 will hold liquid helium for more than 40 hours during sample zone use (or more than 100 hours if the sample zone is static).
With the need for mobile diagnostics ever increasing, the Leica CM1100 is the ideal cryostat for safe and fast on-the-spot evaluation – at the same time, it is also an excellent back-up instrument. With a total weight of only 50 kg, the Leica CM1100 can be easily carried and be transported in practically any vehicle.
The Janis ST-500-UC continuous flow cryostat has a very low profile (1.163”) and has been specifically designed for use in microscopy and imaging applications.
Optical continuous flow cryostat suitable for a wide range of applications: the window material and geometry can be specified to allow spectroscopy with excitation energies from gamma rays through to the far infrared.
Thermo Scientific HM 550 Cryostats are high quality and versatile cryostats designed for clinical or research applications.
The CANBERRA Cryo-Cycle™ Cryostat is a revolutionary innovation in the field of cryogenically cooled radiation detectors. This product is described as a "hybrid" cryostat because it utilizes both conventional liquid nitrogen and electric cooling. This arrangement, whereby the built-in cryocooler condenses the boil-off gas from an LN2 reservoir, provides the convenience of electric cooling and the reliability of liquid nitrogen cooling, something never seen before in this field.