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Why should I advertise on AZoQuantum.com?
Why should I advertise on the web in 2010?
What do our advertisers think of AZoNetwork?
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Why should I advertise on AZoQuantum.com?


AZoQuantum.com is a Quantum Science Knowledgebase and News Service and is proven to be highly effective in connecting buyers and sellers.


AZoQuantum.com offers a unique and highly targeted audience that's specific to the Quantum Science community, providing advertisers with a profitable and cost effective ROI for their advertising spends.


Advertising campaigns on AZoQuantum.com work, they're also immediate, targeted, measureable and can be updated within hours. How does that sound compared to your options with traditional trade magazines?


It's the ready availability of quality content that brings end users to AZoQuantum.com. How does that compare with trade directories and long lists of similar companies?


AZoQuantum.com delivers actual leads and enquiries (RFQs) that are relevant and qualified due to the targeted nature of the site!


All AZoQuantum.com content is "search engine optimised" and is ranked highly by all the major search engines. This provides significant benefits to advertisers in promoting their information and associated websites.


AZoQuantum.com….the perfect place to promote your products and services!

Why should I advertise on the web?

Broadband and wireless internet access is now mainstream, it's not the year 2000 anymore, advertising online is now a proven success. Just consider the following statements;

  • Total global Internet audience has surpassed 1 billion visitors in December 2008, based on data from the comScore World Metrix audience measurement service.

  • China represented the largest online audience in the world in December 2008 with 180 million Internet users, representing nearly 18 percent of the total worldwide Internet audience, followed by the U.S., according to comScore, Inc.

  • Record £1.75bn online spend makes UK first major economy to spend more on web ads than TV......it has taken the internet little more than a decade to become the biggest advertising sector in the UK., says IAB.

  • "It has taken only 11 years for internet to overtake two long-established media: cinema (which it overtook in 1997) and outdoor (which it overtook this year), and by 2009 it will be larger than radio," ZenithOptimedia said.

Ask yourself where you go when you want to find new products or solutions to your problems?

What do our advertisers think of AZoNetwork websites?

"AZoM have ways to dramatically increase visibility and readership of our technical content that is difficult to achieve on our own…."
Malvern Instruments

"We can categorically state that AZoM.com has produced sales leads for us that have turned into firm business…."
Ceramic Substrates

"After the first year I renewed the Aalco subscription and significantly extended our listings…."

"We are absolutely convinced that our business has grown on the back of our relationship with AZoM.com…."

"The partnership with AZoM gives us great value for money and provides our site with an additional dimension…."

"Goodfellow has worked with AZoM for several years and, over this period, AZoM has become an important and valuable part in Goodfellow’s marketing activities. It is a role which we hope will develop even further in the future.…."

"Our association with AZoNetwork also lifts our own web pages in the Google rankings and we intend to maintain our prominent position on the homepage…."
Surrey University

Advertising Rates

To find out everything you need to know about advertising your products and services simply send an email through to Rolf, our Sales Manager – and he'll be happy to oblidge. Rolf is also available via telephone for an honest and obligation free chat on the number below.

How can you contact the team at AZoQuantum.com?

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