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Leica CM1100 Portable Bench-Top Cryostat

State-of-the-art technology and perfect user friendliness characterize the large Leica cryostats – distinctive features which are now also available in a compact, portable design.

With the need for mobile diagnostics ever increasing, the new Leica CM1100 is the ideal cryostat for safe and fast on-the-spot evaluation – at the same time it is also an excellent back-up instrument for your lab. It is easy to transport and it can be pre-cooled in the vehicle, the only essential for that purpose being a 12-volt car battery. If the need arises, the Leica CM1100 can also be operated in the vehicle without any difficulty. The fully enclosed microtome makes both cleaning and disinfection easy tasks. The Leica CM1100 – a highly efficient instrument, ready for immediate use in any place and at any time.

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