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NuAire Autoflow 4750 Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator

The Autoflow 4750 water jacketed CO2 incubator virtually runs itself; dependably controlling the temperature and CO2 level. A 32-bit digitally accurate solid-state single gas analyzer utilizes a filter correlation technique for non-dispersive infrared analysis of CO2. The measurement of CO2 is independent of humidity and temperature variations within the chamber.

Programmable Microcontroller Dependability

The US AutoFlow is run by a programmable microcontroller that samples input sensors, sets control outputs, makes corrections through the use of fuzzy logic, and displays status on the control panel. Ultra Smart (US) "Fuzzy Logic" provides quick, accurate, adaptive control of all the incubators parameters: chamber temperature, CO2, O2, humidity and door temperature. Fuzzy logic tolerates environmental changes and component variation. It continually adjusts and improves to provide a "living", exceptionally stable chamber environment.

Clear and Complete Information

  • Chamber Temperature, set point and actual
  • CO2 Level, set point and actual
  • Output and Alarm Status
  • Water Jacket, low water level warning
  • Chamber Door Ajar
  • CO2 Infusion Status
  • Tank Status
  • System Alarm Condition Status

HEPA Filtration System

The US AutoFlow employs two separate capsule HEPA filters to minimize potential contamination problems within the chamber. After a door opening, the internal recirculation system will return the chamber to better than Class 100 air quality within 30 minutes.

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