Quantis Quantum Random Number Generator from ID Quantique

QUANTIS is a physical random number generator, which uses a fundamental quantum optics process. Quantis needs to be used along with a server or computer. The product is offered in three versions, which is compatible with most platforms. These include:

  • USB device - random stream of 4Mb/s
  • PCI Express (PCIe) board - random stream of 4Mb/s
  • PCI board - random stream of 4Mbits/sec and 16Mb/

Salient Features

The salient features of the Quantis Quantum Number Generator are:

  • Features true quantum randomness clearing all randomness tests
  • Has high bit rate of 4Mb/s (up to 16Mb/s for PCI card)
  • Economical, consistent and compact
  • Continuous status check
  • Supports major operating systems
  • Easy integration using the Quantis library
  • EasyQuantis application with graphical user interface

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