Clavis2 Quantum Key Distribution System from ID Quantique

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology uses a basic quantum physics principle, observation causes perturbation, which involves exchange of cryptographic keys over optical fiber networks with a high level of security. This technology is rapidly attracting a lot of interest in the scientific community. The Clavis2 Quantum Key Distribution System was designed by ID Quantique for comprehensive research. The term clavis is the ancient latin word for key.

The Clavis2 system features an auto-compensating, proprietary optical platform displaying interference contrast and high-stability and ensuring low quantum bit error rate. It is possible to ensure secure key exchange up to 100 km. This is a comprehensively documented optical platform, published in several scientific publications and has been characterized and extensively tested.

This system is highly flexible. It comprises two stations controlled by one or two computers. Automated hardware operation and total key distillation is possible with the software suite. Implementation of two quantum cryptography is possible. It is possible to use the exchanged keys in an encrypted file transfer application, which enables secure communications between two stations.

Salient Features

The salient features of the Clavis2 Quantum Key Distribution System are:

  • Secure key exchange up to 100 km
  • BB84 and SARG protocols
  • Fully implemented key distillation protocol
  • Comprehensive software suite
  • Auto-compensating interferometric set-up
  • Outstanding stability and contrast
  • Compatible with WDM networks
  • C++ library for system programming
  • Sync out signals
  • Patented technology

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