ID210 NIR Single Photon Detection System from ID Quantique

Silicon photon detection is possible at telecom wavelengths using the ID210. The performance of this model in high-speed gating at external or internal frequencies up to 100 MHz is far above the performance of existing detectors and its predecessor the ID200 – ID 201, which is used by researchers worldwide since it was initially launched in 2002.

The salient features of the ID210 are:

  • It is possible to detect photons with up to 25% probability at 1550nm, while maintaining a low dark count.
  • It is possible to achieve a timing resolution less than 200 ps.
  • Adjustable delays, adjustable dead time up to 100 µs and adjustable gate duration from 0.5 to 25 ns is possible.
  • For applications that need an asynchronous detection scheme, it is possible that the ID210 works in free-running mode with a detection probability up to 10%.
  • Other than performance, special attention has been paid to offering a practical user interface, application-oriented functionalities such as coincidence counting and statistics as well as universal compatibility with scientific equipment.
  • The system is constructed based on a sophisticated embedded FPGA and PC, the ID210 enables remote control, connection of keyboard and an external screen, data export on USB key and setup saving.
  • The detector is offered with multi-mode or single-mode input.
  • Features a InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiode
  • Is a stand alone unit with integrated thermo-electric cooling
  • Has a gating up to 100MHz, is free-running, has excellent performance, features single mode or multimode fiber connection
  • Has a spectral range of 900-1700 nm


The functionalities of the ID210 NIR are:

  • Real-time statistics
  • Multifunctional graphical display
  • Two-channel auxiliary event counter
  • Auxiliary coincidence counter
  • Data export via USB
  • Remote control via Ethernet or USB (option)

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