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M152 Mask Aligner from Tamarack Scientific

M152 Mask Aligner from Tamarack Scientific

Tamarack's M152 Series Mask Aligner is a manual alignment, collimated UV proximity system for accurate pattern replication on wafers/substrates up to 305mm x 305mm, resolving features down to 1um.  The M152 provides proximity, soft contact and vacuum contact imaging of the full image of the mask in a single exposure, with the flexibility to vary proximity gapping per the needs of various applications.  Traditional contact printing may pose problems when the substrate exhibits significant topography, including a risk of damage or contamination to the product/artwork, which can drive down yield and drive up production cost.

The alignment optics are notable in that they allow the user a highly magnified view of the registration process of substrate to mask alignment.  The M152’s alignment and verification system utilizes dual CRT viewing monitors and two CCD camera assemblies. These cameras are independently mounted to precision vertical axis slides, which allow the user to raise or lower the camera to the desired height for optimal view. Additionally, the cameras are equipped with zoom lenses to provide magnification to a 400 x 535um field of view.

A series of lenses and collimating reflectors collimate the UV light and direct the beam of light onto the exposure surface. This allows accurate mask replication for fine line imaging. Two cold mirrors filter the undesirable wavelengths of light outside of the UV spectrum, thus reducing unwanted thermal heating and eliminating the need for auxiliary cooling (i.e. chilled water).  Combine this with the long-term reliability of Tamarack’s Mask Aligners and you have a mask alignment & collimated UV exposure system that combines imaging quality, flexible processing and long-term reliability.

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