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RamanMicro 300 Raman Microscope System from PerkinElmer

The PerkinElmer® RamanMicro™ 300 is a Raman microscope system designed to produce high quality Raman data from either physically small samples such as fibers and single crystals or from small areas of larger samples such as contamination on a surface. When fitted with the software controlled motorized stage, it is also an ideal system for chemical imaging (the study of component distribution across the surface of a sample) or depth profiling.


  • Permanently aligned optics - no need for user-alignment
  • High energy throughput of the microscope and optical benches for high quality data in a minimum of time
  • Range of sampling stages and microscope objectives
  • Optional enclosure to comply with Laser Class 1 regulations
  • Ability to choose the most appropriate spectrometer to match the requirements of the laboratory
  • Comprehensive suite of software packages to simplify all micro and macro Raman analyses

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