Improving Data Center Performance with Power Conditioning from ABB

The customization of data center construction with a modular and leaner design has resulted in the development of more diverse technical solutions. Storage devices and servers which were once considered as the critical elements of data centers are now being seen as a synergistic module with ventilation and cooling systems. Indeed, this has created an interest in implementing new technology to improve the integrity of power streams in the plant environment.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Solutions

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems  serve as the standard solution for voltage conditioning in most of the data centers. A typical UPS protects the devices from outages, sags and surges, and hence are widely used in server applications that are sensitive to even a brief outage. However, a support system failure with limited duration can be taken care of without any major impact. Furthermore, some data centers that involve weather or animation supercomputers are capable of absorbing limited amounts of outage without sudden dataloss.

Active Voltage Conditioners

Active voltage conditioners (AVCs) are the best cost-effective alternative to UPS voltage conditioning systems. Although AVCs protect against sags and surges, they cannot provide power during an outage as they do not have a battery. However, the use of AVC power conditioning technology is widely accepted in some data center cases where outages are very rare. Voltage sags pose a major risk in power continuity as they account for 90% or more. This enables the small, lightweight, battery-free AVC to condition power to loads that are less sensitive.

PCS100 AVC from ABB

ABB’s PCS100 AVC range available in 150kVA to 2.4MVA load capacities prevents surges and sags in few milliseconds. The PCS100 product line will be soon expanded with the introduction of AVC-40 and AVC-20. The AVC-20 can provide continuous voltage regulation to an unstable and weak network, while the AVC-40 can be used for correcting sags in stable network that is affected by external factors.

About ABB Power Conditioning - Discrete Automation and Motion Division

ABB is a leading supplier of UPS and power conditioning products – ABB's PCS100 portfolio is a unique line up of low and medium voltage power conversion technology. The PCS100 power converters demonstrate highly reliable and cost-effective performance. With the PCS100 product portfolio, ABB offer efficient power conversion solutions that are specifically designed to solve power quality problems and stabilize networks. Covering applications from data centers through to complete industrial plant protection, microgrid systems and shore-to-ship supply, ABB have the power conversion technology for every need. Starting from a few kVA to many MVA and a wide range of supply voltages. ABB has installed more than 900 MW of power conditioning solutions worldwide. It’s business as usual with ABB Power Protection

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